Firewood for Sale in London

We have firewood for sale in bulk and singular bags. An economical way to heat your home this winter!

Firewood for Sale LondonSplit logs are the best and most economical source of fuel and can save you money on your heating bill throughout the winter. Using firewood for fuel is a sustainable source of energy and is also great way to decrease your carbon footprint.

GraftinGardeners supplies firewood in the form of split logs which can be used in log burners, ovens and stoves, fuelling your energy needs this winter. The availability and coverage areas can be checked by calling our direct line or by using the contact form.

Firewood & Logs Quality & Quantity

All wood provided comes directly from the felling of trees, which are split into sections of about 10 inches, to fit most UK wood burners. They are seasoned in an enclosed and dry environment, ensuring the best quality possible.

The logs are excellent quality, with each batch containing at least 95% hardwoods such as Ash, Oak and Cherry. They all come in mixed loads and we cannot specify the exact percentages of every wood type included in the bundle.

We can supply large and small quantities of split logs, either in bulk or netted bags. Exact stock levels may be checked by contacting us. If sending an email, please state the quantity required and we will get back to you ASAP.

Firewood Prices

Mixed Seasoned Hardwood Split Logs:

Small Quantities:


Smaller batches of mixed seasoned hardwood split logs come in netted bags and weigh approximately 16kg – 20kg per bag (depending on species).

  • 1 Netted Bag : £6.50 collection – £8 delivered
  • 5 Netted Bags : £30 collection – £40 delivered
  • 10 Netted Bags : £55 collection – £75 delivered
  • 20 Netted Bags : £100 collection – £120 delivered


Large Quantities:


Bigger loads come in bulk/tonne bags and start at £60 each.

  • 1 Bulk Bag : £60 collection – £75 delivered


Please contact us for a price on larger quantity as we provide further discount for bulk orders.


Kindling Fire Lighting Wood:

We provide both small and large netted bags of kindling weighing from 5kg to 20kg.


  • 1 Small Netted Bag : £3.50 collection – £4 delivered
  • 5 Small Netted Bags : £15 collection – £18 delivered



  • 1 Large Netted Bag : £7 collection – £8 delivered




We also sell our own natural & eco friendly firelighters. They come with an average of 40 pieces per box and are perfect for lighting wood in log burners, stoves and BBQ’s.


  • 1 box of firelighters : £4 collection – £4.50 delivered
  • 5 boxes of firelighters : £17.50 collection – £20 delivered


Logs in Bulk for Collection

We provide logs in bulk for collection from our yard. You can take as many as you like for one low price.


Our prices are as follows:

  • Car Load: £10
  • Small Van Load: £20
  • Truck Load: £40


Bulk Wood Chips/Mulch for Collection

We provide wood chips in bulk for collection from our yard. You can take as much as you like for one low price.


Our prices are as follows:

  • Car Load: £10
  • Small Van Load: £15
  • Truck Load: £20


Firewood & Logs Delivery & Collection

Large loads such as bulk bags can be delivered to your address, usually by one of our teams, and paid for upon receipt (depending on work schedule and area coverage). Smaller netted quantities may be collected from our yard, 8am to 4pm, Monday to Saturday.

The minimum order for free delivery is £49.

Polite Note for collection: You will have to load the wood chippings and logs yourself as we do not provide labour. We recommend arranging labour before paying or collecting wood chip.

Call us on 0208 123 4499.

Our collection address is:

The Folly, D’abernon Chase,
Leatherhead KT22 0DN

Firewood for Sale in London