Free Wood Chippings in London

The free collection and delivery of wood chips has been discontinued and we now charge for this service. Please visit the firewood for sale page for more information and prices.

We can supply you with free wood chips and logs either by delivery to your premises or collection from our yard in London

Free Wood Chippings in LondonWood chips can be used for a number of reasons in the garden or around your property. For instance: a natural foot path can be made from the chippings, which can help to prevent soil compaction from foot traffic or it can be used around trees or flower beds to retain soil moisture and temperature. It can also be used to combat weeds in beds and dust on the drive ways. Whatever reason you need it for, we can supply it to you for free.

We also sell firewood which comes split and seasoned. This is available in netted or bulk bags. Please see our firewood for sale page for more information.

Please note that the giveaway wood chippings is on a first come first server basis.

Wood Chip

Our wood chippings consist of branches, twigs and leaves from the pruning and felling of trees which are processed through our wood chipper. The actual quality may vary as each tree is different, for example, some loads may contain more leaves than others, while some could contain finer chippings than others. In any case, they are still good quality and useful for covering unpaved driveways, pathways and parking areas.

Free Wood Chippings Delivery

We don’t stock wood chips as they take up to much space in our yard so you will have to arrange for one of our teams to deliver it to you. It will have to be delivered at our convenience because we are usually busy most of the time. If you would like it in gardening bags that can be arranged but you will be charged for the bags, unless you use your own. Logs can be delivered or collected.

Whole truckloads of chippings are available. Please contact us for more info.

Free Logs in London