Tree Surgeons in Stoneleigh

Was you thinking about employing a Tree Surgeon in Stoneleigh? GraftinGardeners have been working in arboriculture for over a decade and have lots of experience working in the industry. Our tree surgeons operate in KT17 and surrounding areas in London and can provide you with any tree surgery services that you require. We are friendly and above all professional, delivering the highest standard of work. If you need any of our services, please contact us and we can send a tree specialist to give you a free on-site quotation.

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Tree Surgery Services and Quotes in Stoneleigh

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Our Tree Services Include:

Tree Surgery in Stoneleigh

Tree Surgeons Stoneleigh

GraftinGardeners provide an affordable tree surgery service and have years of experience working in arboriculture. We highly skilled tree surgeons in Stoneleigh, surrounding areas, and carry out for all types of tree work daily. Every single staff member is trained to the highest possible standards and have all the relevant qualifications, so you can trust our judgment and feel safe knowing your trees are in safe hands. If you require tree surgery in KT17, our tree specialists can help! We could visit your premises the same day to provide you with a free no obligation quotation.

Tree Felling in Stoneleigh

How we dismantle trees

Do you need a dead or unwanted tree felled and remove from your garden or property? Our tree surgeons have felled many trees over the years and know how to safely fell any tree. Most of the time we bring down trees in sections, but also fell trees straight to the ground (where space allows). Every fell is different but our methods of removal stay the same, safe and well controlled, making sure nothing gets damaged in the surrounding area. We always work to UK safety standards, and guarantee our customers a safe removal.

Tree Pruning in Stoneleigh

Correct methods of pruning

Are your trees growing too far outside their boundaries, on to a neighbor’s property or are they blocking to much light in the garden? Whatever the reason, our expert tree pruners can help. We have many years of experience, performing tree care and maintenance and cut, trim and shape all types of trees. Our tree surgeons always get perfect results by carrying out suitable pruning methods based on species and other factors and closely following the guidelines set out in the British Standards (BS 3998), and always leave trees in a healthy condition, each and every job.

Tree Stump Removal in Stoneleigh

Grinding a stump

No tree stumps are too tough or stubborn for our company! We tackle pesky tree stumps daily and know how to safely remove them without causing damage to your property or its surroundings. Our tree surgeons use a mixture of hand tools and stump grinders to remove any unwanted stumps and are usually done within the hour (depending on how many stumps you have). After every removal, we fill in the remaining hole with soil or stump grindings, leaving you with a tidy site and level surface.

Emergency Tree Work in Stoneleigh

We deal with all tree emergencies

High winds and severe weather can cause a tree to fail and fall, leaving a huge mess and restricting access to pathways and driveways. In the event you have fallen tree on your property, don’t despair! Our tree surgeons are always ready for the worst and know how to deal with these situations as they arise. We will come in and secure the affected area, cut and remove the tree and won’t leave until the surrounding area is safe and tidy. Our emergency tree service is there 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, to help you deal with tree emergencies.

Ivy Removal in Stoneleigh

We can trim and train ivy

Training your ivy from young can accomplish two things. Firstly it stops it from growing near any structures that can get damaged and secondly it looks great and retains the aesthetics of your home. However, untrained ivy can wreak havoc, causing damage to brickwork, guttering, woodwork and can even lift roof tiles. Our arborists can train your ivy by trimming and shaping it or they can remove it if it’s becoming too much hassle to maintain. If we remove it, we will do so from the roots and lay down herbicides, you can be sure it won’t grow back.

Tree Planting in Stoneleigh

Get your hedges done by an expert

Considering planting a new tree in your garden or relocating an existing one on your property? Whatever your tree planting requirements we can help. Before we were tree surgeons, we were a gardening company, so naturally we understand lots about tree managing and cultivation. Our arborists have planted many trees in London and always take care when doing so. If you need professional tree planting service, call us today. You won’t be disappointed we guarantee it!

Hedge Trimming in Stoneleigh

Get your hedges done by an expert

Hedge trimming takes patience and skill to perfect and should always be performed by an expert arborist for the best results. Our teams are skilled at cutting and trimming hedges and will leave yours looking neat and professionally cut every time. We can trim anything, from hedge rows to the largest conifers and guarantee perfect results every time.

Tree Pollarding in Stoneleigh

We can pollard safely

Pollarding is a pruning method that is used to control a trees growth and to stop it from growing outside of its boundaries. It I considered as a heavy from because all the upper branches of the tree are cut off. It is mainly used on species such as poplar and willow and is usually a good way to contain them. To find out what type of pruning your trees require, please call us on the number listed above and we can discuss suitable pruning methods for your trees.