Ivy Removal, Pruning and Trimming in London

We offer a comprehensive ivy removal service. Our tree surgeons remove ivy from trees and building in and around the London area.

Ivy Removal London

Ivy can be a magnificent feature to your home and garden when maintained correctly. It can also be a destructive climber when left to grow on its own accord. Damage can be caused to brickwork, soffits, guttering, drains, or even strangle other plants and trees.

If ivy is left to grow out of control it can cause all sorts of problems such as: damage to your roof and tiles, window frames, rendering and brickwork.

Ivy Removal & Related Problems

  • Damage to wood work including windows, doors and frames
  • Weakening of brickwork, cement beds and joints
  • Ivy can lift roof tiles and soffits compromising weather proofing
  • Rendering can become weak, crack and even fall off
  • Ivy competes with other trees and plants

GraftinGardeners are highly experienced at removing ivy from buildings, trees and plants. Our staff our fully trained to identify areas where the invasive climber is causing problems and to take appropriate steps to remove it where necessary.

Ivy & Climbers Management

  • Removal of ivy from building, plants and trees
  • Trimming, Pruning and shaping of ivy to your specifications

If your ivy is growing out of control, give us a call. We provide clients with a number of ivy management services, from the removal of problematic climbers, to the pruning and shaping of ivy to your specifications.

We have specialists that deal with invasive plants and hold all the relevant qualifications. Please see our qualified tree surgeons page for more information and to view our certificates.

Wisteria are popular climbers and should ideally be spur-pruned back to two or three buds, twice annually or once in mid-winter.

Before & After, Spur Pruning Wisteria.

Ivy Removal in the London Area

Ivy Removal in London