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GraftinGardeners can remove storm damaged trees and provides a tree maintenance service to maintain your trees health.
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Bad weather and storms can cause tremendous amounts of damage to trees and weaken them beyond repair or reversal. Storm damaged trees can be dangerous for a number of reasons.

One they can cause harm to you or the general public, two they can severely damage your property and three they can cause damage to your vehicles and even your home. Without proper tree care and maintenance, you run the risk of having any or all of these number of things happening to you or others in the affected area.

Storm damaged trees aren’t always obvious to the untrained eye, the tree doesn’t have to fall down to be affected and weakened by a storm. The tree could have weakened branches/limbs that are still a real danger to people, surrounding areas and buildings.

Removal of Fallen Trees

Removing a fallen tree can be a daunting task; this is especially true for home owners with insufficient tools and man power. You need all kinds of tree surgeon equipment from chainsaws to cut the tree into manageable sections, to trucks that take the waste away after the cutting is complete.

Our team has removed many fallen trees due to storm damage and has the ability to act quickly whilst ensuring the safety of all the surrounding areas. If you have a fallen tree in your property, GraftinGardeners are always willing to lend a hand and take all the necessary steps to asses and remove the tree.

For more information on our fallen tree removal service, please visit the emergency tree work service page.

Tree Health: Seven Red Flags

  • Dead wood or branches with no leaves or brown leaves during spring and summer need attention.

  • Earth at the base of a tree lifting or with cracks indicates uprooting.

  • Overhanging branches can become too heavy and crack particularly in high winds or drought.

  • Become too heavy and crack particularly in heavy winds.

  • Areas of no bark or fungus at the base indicate that a tree is diseased and needs treating.

  • Branches growing into or against each other will weaken and need attention.

  • V-shaped unions in trees will deteriorate without care.

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