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We will find out if you require planning permission for your tree work and handle all the necessary permissions.
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Conservation areas are locations in which planning permission will be required for the removal and felling of trees and the pruning and reducing of trees.

You will probably know if you are in a conservation area and if you’re uncertain we will check for you.

If you are happy with the quotation we provide, we will obtain the permission and deal with any paper work required. This is free of charge.

The permission can take anywhere up to 6 weeks to receive, if the council fail to reply in that time (which is very rare) you are permitted to carry out the tree works.

Usually on acceptance of a quotation, we will provisionally book you in 6 weeks from the date of acceptance. This is also the date we will submit a planning application.

This will ensure you don’t have to wait any longer than the maximum 6 weeks, however if the permission is received a lot earlier, we will do our best to bring the date of the tree works forward.

Tree Conservation: Preservation Orders

Tree preservation orders are put in place on trees that are considered to have a high amenity value; this is judged by their visibility and impact on the local environment. There individual impact in relation to species, size and its future potential. The wider impact is also taken into consideration in relation to where it is situated.

Why are tree preservation orders put in place?

Tree preservations are put in place to stop the wilful destruction or damage from, pruning, lopping, reducing, topping, uprooting or cutting down of the tree in question. Permission is needed from the local authority before any works are carried out.

The only works permitted to trees in a conservation area or subject to a TPO without permission is dead wooding or the felling of dead specimens. If the tree is a danger, then it would be subject to a five day emergency application.

Getting Work Done on Your Protected Trees (TPO)

If you require tree pruning/reducing or the feeling /removal of your protected trees, GraftinGardeners are very experienced with obtaining permissions from the local authorities. The content of the application form is very important as it is scrutinized by a tree officer.

Content of the application form should include as many feasible reasons for example: detriment to walls and Boundaries and thorny trees where children are playing.

There are many reasons in different situations for works to be permitted. It is important for the situation to be assessed by an experienced tree surgeon so that as many reasons can be found to mitigate the works you desire.

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