Ultimate Guide For Gardening & Wellness

Gardening is not all about digging, planting as well as harvesting fresh produce but it is also about your general well being. In addition to making your home look good, gardening makes your physical and mental health good too. Rolling up your sleeves, getting some dirt under your fingers, and connecting with plants goes a long way in giving your health a boost.

Charity homes and rehabilitation centres are adopting this gardening technique to help speed up the recovery journey of individuals with health issues. Their feedback in terms of recovery and improvement of mental health is positive and very inspiring. Read on to get a glimpse of the benefits of gardening and how to improve well being through it.


Ultimate Guide For Gardening: Why Is Wellness Important?

The process of making choices in regards to a healthy and fulfilling way of living is referred to as wellness. Both physical and mental wellness are important in our day to day lives. Physical wellness helps in keeping your body fit thus preventing risks of illnesses such as cardiovascular diseases, blood pressure, and obesity among others. Mental wellness, on the other hand, has something to do with your psychological, emotional, and social well being. It helps in the way you relate with others, your way of handling stress as well as the way you make your life choices. Wellness is vital from childhood through to adulthood and even in old age.


How Gardening Can Be Used To Improve Your Wellness

Gardening helps you achieve wellness as per your needs. When it comes to physical wellness, gardening plays the same role as physical exercise. In terms of mental wellness, it acts as a form of therapy. Therefore, regardless of your needs, you will still have something to derive from gardening.


Why is gardening good for you?

Below are some of the answers to this question.


Digging and Planting

Some of the physical activities related to gardening such as digging, planting, weeding, pruning as well as watering are a form of exercise to your body. When engaging in such activities your body burns out some calories. This makes you physically fit and active which in turn reduces diseases such as those of the heart and bones. You can come up with a gardening schedule to help you achieve this.


Ownership and Responsibility

When you decide to do gardening, make sure that you go for fruits, flowers, or even vegetables that you love. Doing so makes you motivated to take care of your plants with much love and tenderness. You will always feel a sense of ownership and responsibility towards your plants. Connecting with them helps in reducing stress and anxiety. This is a great boost to your mental health.


Exposure to the Sun

Outdoor gardening activities give you a chance to get Vitamin D from the sun. It is essential for your bone formation and the nourishment of your skin. To derive the most out of the sun, you can do your gardening activities in the morning or evening hours when the sun is not too hot.



Sometimes in life, you may feel like you are not achieving any of your goals. This tends to lower your self-esteem where you end up considering yourself a failure. Gardening can, however, help you get to know the other side of you. Nurturing your plants well and getting a good harvest from them such as a lovely bouquet of fresh flowers or a basket of fresh vegetables gives you a feeling of success which in turn boosts your self-esteem. This is a boost to your mental wellness.


Healthy Plates

Getting fresh produce from your garden goes a long way in helping you prepare healthy meals. Consumption of healthy meals is a gateway to improvement in your general health.


Connecting With the Soil

Getting your hands dirty plays a role in making you happy and relieved. Some scientists argue that inhaling the bacteria found in the soil helps in increasing the level of serotonin which in turn reduces your anxiety levels. Spending time in the garden connecting with different plants and different scents also improves your sensory system.


Decluttering Your Garden

Clearing out your garden to remove unwanted plants plays a big role in improving your mental health. While doing so, your mind gets to identify a way of removing unwanted thoughts or ideas in your mind. Destroying these unwanted plants is a great way of releasing your anger from a hectic day at work or in school. Good therapy for your mind!



You can do gardening on your own or you can decide to involve your family and friends in it. The involvement of other people offers a good bonding opportunity that boosts your social interaction. Other than interacting socially, it also increases happiness and reduces stress.

The above tips show the relationship between gardening and well-being and gardening and mindfulness. The solution to your health issues could be right next to you! Try out gardening today and you will not regret it.

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This guide was written by Patryk, the manager of a removals and storage company called Removals & Storage Experts based in London. He is passionate about helping people make a new house a home.

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