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Looking for a qualified Tree Surgeon in Ealing? GraftinGardeners have professional tree surgeons in W5, London and surrounding areas.

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Our Tree Services Include:

Tree Surgery in Ealing

Tree Surgeons Ealing

GraftinGardeners are proud to offer the finest tree surgery services in Ealing. Our arborists can perform all kinds of tree surgery by using the latest tree surgery techniques and equipment. We always strive to make sure every single customer is happy and won’t leave until the jobs done right. If you require tree surgery in W5, we can help, fill out the quote from to the right and we can proceed from there.

Tree Felling in Ealing

How we dismantle trees

If an awkwardly situated tree is causing you problems, why not give us a call. We have expert tree surgeons that can fell any tree regardless of its size and location. Our expert felling team will fell your tree and remove it once and for all. Our company takes the health and safety of every one seriously; we only take down trees in a safe and controlled manner following UK safety guidelines.

Tree Pruning in Ealing

Correct methods of pruning

Are your trees growing too much outside of their boundaries? If so, they may need a professional tree surgeon to inspect them. Before any cuts are made, GraftinGardeners will asses each tree and determine the best pruning procedure for its species. We always follow the guidelines set out in the BS 3998 and guarantee to leave you with a well-balanced and safe tree.

Tree Stump Removal in Ealing

Grinding a stump

Need a tree stump removed from your property? We have dedicated tree surgeons that specialize in stump grinding and removals. We can grind out any stump with our stump grinding equipment and always backfill the resulting hole to a clean and level surface.

Emergency Tree Work in Ealing

We deal with all tree emergencies

High winds and storms are the main reasons why trees fail and fall. When a tree falls it can often cause lots of damage to your property and be a nightmare to clean up. Our emergency tree surgeons are on call 24 hours a day to help you deal with these emergency situations. We can remove fallen trees, clear all the mess up and make the area safe once again.

Ivy Removal in Ealing

We can trim and train ivy

Ivy looks pretty when maintained correctly but it’s a nightmare when left unattended to. If you need ivy removed from your property we have a comprehensive ivy management service. We will remove all ivy from the roots to make sure the problem doesn’t persist. If you would like to keep your ivy, we can prune, shape and cut ivy to your exact requirements.

Tree Planting in Ealing

We can plant your trees

Let us help you to seed new life by getting us to plant your new trees. GraftinGardeners selectively sources the best possible specimens to suit your requirements. We have extensive tree knowledge and can guide you through the whole process, from picking a suitable location to advice on tree aftercare and more.

Hedge Trimming in Ealing

Get your hedges done by an expert

Trimmed hedges look great especially when there done by skilled arborists. We have professional hedge trimmers that can skilfully craft any hedge to whatever you require. Our team can trim, cut and shape any hedge, all the way up to large conifers.

Tree Pollarding in Ealing

We can pollard safely

Pollarding is a heavy form of pruning that’s essential for the survival of certain tree species. It’s mainly used to keep a tree under control to ensure it grows new spouts and remains within its boundaries. Pollarding should only be attempted by experienced arborists with the knowledge and expertise to carry out the works.

Tree Surveys in Ealing

Tree surveys by professional surveyors

Tree surveys are required for legal reasons and it’s the landowner’s duty of care to ensure that a survey is performed every Three years for any trees and shrubs on their premises. There are numerous factors behind having your trees surveyed such as development and planning applications (BS 5837 Reports), hazard risk assessments and wildlife habitat protection. Our skilled tree surveyors supply a full-range of surveying services for whichever your needs. Contact us right now to get a cost-free quotation.