Tree Surgeons in Tolworth

Want to hire an expert Tree Surgeon in Tolworth? GraftinGardeners have skilled tree surgeons in KT5/KT6 and surrounding areas. We provide practical solutions for all types of tree works. If you require tree care or tree maintenance our arborists can help.

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Tree Surgery Services and Quotes in Tolworth

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Our Tree Services Include:

Tree Surgery in Tolworth

Tree Surgeons Tolworth

Graftingardeners are highly accredited tree surgeons operating in Tolworth and surrounding areas. We have three teams of tree surgeons and grounds men that are capable of performing any type of tree surgery you require. We have many happy customers and continue to please on a daily basis. If you require tree surgery in KT5/KT6, call us today and we can book you in for a free quotation at your earliest convenience.

Tree Felling

How we dismantle trees

Awkwardly placed trees can be a pain for many reasons, they can block out light in the garden and they may be diseased or dyeing. For whatever reason you need a tree felled we can help. Our tree surgeons are fully qualified tree removal specialists; we can remove the largest of trees in the tightest of spaces. We always work to UK safety laws to ensure the safest possible removal. Contact us today for a free tree removal quote.

Tree Pruning

Correct methods of pruning

Tree pruning is an art that should be carried out with care and precision. Never let inexperienced hands prune your trees as the effects may be devastating. Our tree surgeons are among the elite of all tree surgeons in Tolworth and can safely prune any size tree while maintain a good aesthetic feel. We always make our cuts in accordance to the BS 3998 to ensure your trees are left in a well-balanced and good overall shape.

Tree Stump Removal

Grinding a stump

Is an unsightly tree stump irritating you? Well don’t let it bother you anymore! Let us come in and remove it for you with our powerful stump grinding equipment. We can remove unwanted tree stumps in less than an hour of arrival on your property. Once grinding is complete, we will simply fill the hole with mulch or a composition of your choosing and tidy the surrounding area. We always make sure you’re happy with the final result.

Emergency Tree Work

We deal with all tree emergencies

Bad weather can cause trees to fall on your property and usually wreak havoc, if this is the case then don’t panic. We can send round a team to secure the area, remove the fallen tree and tidy the surrounding area until its safe again. Our emergency tree service is there for you 24 hours a day 365 days a year for all tree crisis’s and emergencies.

Ivy Removal

We can trim and train ivy

Ivy can be a pain in the back side especially when it’s causing damage to your property! Brickwork can get compromised, woodwork can root and roof tiles can even lift up. Our arborists have lots of experience in dealing with pesky ivy and climbers so we know exactly what to expect. We will remove ivy from the roots to ensure it doesn’t come back anytime soon. If you’re an ivy and climbers lover then our ivy management service is the one for you. We can cut trim and shape and ivy to keep it controlled and managed and will follow your exact instructions until you get the result you desire.

Tree Planting

We can plant your trees

GraftinGardeners have tons of experience when it comes to tree planting and tree cultivation. We only source the best possible specimens to ensure the best chance in life for your trees. We can also give you handy advice on best planting locations and advice on tree aftercare. Call us today for a free planting quote.

Hedge Trimming

Get your hedges done by an expert

Looking for a professional hedge trimming service in Tolworth? Our hedge trimmers are highly skilled and can craft and reshape any type of hedge or shrubbery. From small box hedges to the largest conifer, we can cut, trim and shape anything! There’s no job too big for our expert hedge trimmers. Contact us today for a free hedge trimming quote.

Tree Pollarding

We can pollard safely

Tree pollarding is a severe cut back of all limbs and branches; it’s used to keep certain tree species under control such as willow and poplar. It should only be used on tree species that can tolerate this type of intense pruning. If you’re not sure what type of pruning your trees require than contact us today, wed be more than happy to come round and inspect your trees for free.