Tree Surgeons in Tooting

Need an expert Tree Surgeon in Tooting? GraftinGardeners have professional tree surgeons in SW17, London and surrounding areas.

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Tree Surgery Services and Quotes in Tooting

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Our Tree Services Include:

Tree Surgery in Tooting

Tree Surgeons Tooting

GraftinGardeners are friendly tree surgeons and operating in Tooting and surrounding areas. We offer an extensive range of tree surgery services to customer in London and Surrey. If you require tree surgery in SW17, give us a call. Our company strives to provide 100% customer satisfaction for the fairest prices.

Tree Felling in Tooting

How we dismantle trees

Want a tree felled for extra space in your garden? As professional tree surgeons, we fell all types of trees with efficiency. Our tree surgeons can fell any dangerous or annoyingly placed trees with precision, while ensuring your surroundings and property remain safe and undamaged.

Tree Pruning in Tooting

Correct methods of pruning

Tree pruning requires consideration before any cuts are made. We will first assess your tress in correlation to the size, shape, condition and species of your trees. We’ll prune your trees safely while maintaining and even balance. Our standard of work is first class and we always follow the BS 3998 guidelines.

Tree Stump Removal in Tooting

Grinding a stump

If you need to remove a stubborn tree stump we can help. Our tree surgeons are experts at removing tree stumps. We use stump grinding equipment to get the job done fast and our team will handle it with maximum efficiency.

Emergency Tree Work in Tooting

We deal with all tree emergencies

Our emergency tree service is there when you need fallen trees removed fast. If you’re having trouble with dangerous and fallen trees, don’t hesitate to contact us, were here 24 hours a day 365 days a year for emergencies. We’ll come round, remove the fallen trees and secure the area until its safe again.

Ivy Removal in Tooting

We can trim and train ivy

Ivy can compromise your properties structure if left to grow on its own accord. We will cut ivy from the roots to ensure the ivy is removed once and for all. If you wish to keep your ivy, we can prune and shape it to your requests until we achieve the desired end result.

Tree Planting in Tooting

We can plant your trees

The GraftinGardeners team can plant any size tree in any location. We can help you to source the best possible specimens and give advice on optimal plant locations and also give you advice on tree aftercare.

Hedge Trimming in Tooting

Get your hedges done by an expert

Want your hedges trimmed to a professional standard? Our hedge trimmers can trim just about anything, from small hedgerows to large conifers and more. We will work with you every step of the way to ensure you get the desired end result you want.

Tree Pollarding in Tooting

We can pollard safely

Pollarding is an extreme form of pruning; it should only be carried on certain tree species such as willows and poplar. We will assess your trees by their species and offer sensible advice as to what type of pruning your trees need in order to maximize the life of the tree.