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Do you need to hire a professional Tree Surgeon in Oval? GraftinGardeners are tree care specialists with expert tree surgeons in SW8/SW9/SE11, London and surrounding areas. We have three teams of highly skilled arborists, with more than 10 years of experience and can carry out any type of tree surgery with precision and care. Contact us today for a free quotation and you could have a tree specialist round your property the same day to evaluate any works you may require.

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Our Tree Services Include:

Tree Surgery In Oval

GraftinGardeners are fully qualified tree surgeons operating in Oval and surrounding areas. Our tree company provides the most comprehensive tree surgery service in London and have unrivalled experience in the arboricultural industry. Our tree specialists are honest, trustworthy and reliable. You can count on us for whatever tree services you want or need. If you require tree surgery in SW8/SW9/SE11, our company can help! Please use the contact form to the right or give us a call to get you free quote on your tree works.

Tree Felling In Oval

To fell a tree is to remove the whole tree right down to the stump. It is a dangerous job and should only be performed by a qualified arborist with expertise in tree felling. Our arborists can safely remove any trees, regardless of size and location, by means of sectional or straight felling. We always take trees down in the safest possible, controlled manner and closely follow all UK safety laws. Get in touch with us today and you could have a tree surgeon at your premises to discuss your tree felling requirements and to provide you with a free onsite quotation.

Tree Pruning In Oval

DIY tree pruning is generally not recommended because it can cause more harm than good if done incorrectly. Instead you should always employ an expert with the relevant experience and qualifications. Tree species, size, age and height are just a few aspects that need to be considered before making any cuts to a tree. Our tree surgeons are professionals when it comes to trimming trees and take account of all these factors that are needed to prune correctly. Our teams always cut, trim and shape trees to the highest possible standards, while sticking to the guidelines in the BS 3998. We always leave your trees in a well-balanced and healthy condition while maintaining a perfect overall shape.

Tree Stump Removal In Oval

Having trouble removing a tree stump from your property or garden? Do you want that tree stump removed fast and efficiency? Well you came to the right place! Our tree surgeons have all the tools necessary to perform stump removal operations and will often grind out any unwanted stumps the same day. If we can’t remove it with hand tools, then our stump grinder will! We can take out tree trunks with ease, even in tight spaces. Once grinding is complete the resulting hole is filled in and the ground is brought back to surface level, with soil, mulch or a composition of your choosing.

Emergency Tree Work In Oval

Bad weather and storms are the number one reason for tree failure and often cause trees to fall over. Once a tree falls it usually causes lots of damage to your property or structure and takes a team to clean up. We have helped hundreds of people by disposing of fallen trees on their properties. Our qualified tree specialists will come round to assess the damage and remove any fallen trees from your property. We will secure the area, remove any dangerous trees and clean up all the mess, so you can get thing back to normal as quickly as possible. Our emergency tree service is there for you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for all tree emergencies.

Ivy Removal In Oval

Is overgrown ivy taking over your home and compromising its structure? Would you like it removed as quickly as possible? Graftingardeners have removed ivy from thousands of building and structures around London and can remove all types of ivy and climbers efficiently with minimal disruption. Our arborists remove ivy from its source, so it doesn’t come back to soon. We don’t just remove ivy, with our ivy and climber maintenance service, we can trim, cut and shape your ivy to whatever specifications you may have. Simply give us a call and we can better discuss your climber removal or maintenance requirements.

Tree Planting In Oval

GraftinGardeners have lots of experience when it comes to tree cultivation and management. Our tree company has planted lots of trees and can help you with the sourcing of the greatest specimens, optimal planning locations (based on your site) and even often tree aftercare to ensure a healthy start for your new tree. It is also possible to relocate existing trees, as long as they are still young and not too big and don’t have an established root network. Contact us today to find out more on tree planting.

Hedge Trimming In Oval

Our tree surgery company provides a wide range of services including a professional hedge trimming service for customers all over south west London and surrounding areas. We have expert arborists that are able to perform hedge trimming on any size hedges, from small box hedges all the way to large conifers. Our hedge trimmers can skilfully craft any hedge into any shape and style you desire. Just let us know what type of trimming you require and leave the rest to us. We always work to your instructions, leaving you with a perfect result every time.

Tree Pollarding In Oval

Tree pollarding should always be carried out by a fully qualified tree surgeon with the correct pruning experience and a great understanding of tree maintenance because of the delicacy of the operation. It is a drastic form of pruning and one that is only carried out on certain species that can tolerate it, such trees are willow and poplar. Pollarding an incorrect species can be detrimental to the trees health, so it is always wise to get a professional in to assess your trees before making any cuts. Contact us now for a free quote and we can send round a tree specialist to inspect your trees and give you advice on what type of pruning they require.

Tree Surveys In Oval

Tree surveys are needed for legal reasons and it’s the landowner’s duty of care to ensure that a survey is performed every Three years for any trees and shrubs on their premises. There are numerous factors behind having your trees surveyed such as development and planning applications (BS 5837 Reports), hazard risk assessments and wildlife habitat protection. Our skilled tree surveyors supply a full-range of surveying services for whichever your needs. Contact us right now to get a cost-free quotation.

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  • Great professional team. They came to reduce a pear tree in the garden and did a very good job. They knew what to cut or not cut for the tree to recover from the trauma of the reduction.
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